Check Out This Woman's Life-Changing Experience

Check Out This Woman’s Life-Changing Experience


Now that’s a real inspiration! This woman managed to go from a size 24 to a size 2. How she did she do it? Keep reading!

Christine Carter says the key to life-changing weight loss is the mindset.

Carter realized she needed to change the way food was controlling her life and retake the power.

Instead of relying on food, now she plays the piano, and that is what keeps her going.

“Cause I learned the hard way that while bad food feels good now…it doesn’t make you feel good in the end,” she added.

The motivational speaker is on Instagram under the name of weightlosshero. She has reached over 192,000 followers who get inspired by her on a daily basis.

Christine explains that everything started with stress, which eventually made her smoke two packs of cigarettes every day.

Now, she posts transformation photos and motivational videos about her journey.

Thanks Facebook! My look back on today-can’t believe it’s been four years. DON’T. GIVE. UP. 💕

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When she decided to quit smoking, she found comfort in food.

“Eating my feelings seemed to be the only way to cope. I was in need of a breakthrough,” she said.

The weight-loss plan started with a surgery, but continued with her determination.

Eventually, she lost 150 pounds in about 1.5 years. After she lost her initial 60 pounds, she started to gain weight.

Carter managed to ban junk food from her daily food intake and started to exercise regularly.

This woman realized she needed a change and to get healthy again was in July 2014, when she was criticized by her uncle.

“Portion control was my problem, I would eat three times the amount of food I should,” Carter told TODAY.

“I was on 10 medications and was constantly in the doctor’s office. I felt horrible — I could barely move or go up a flight of stairs, and I was only 26!”

Since the first surgery, she has had two more. One was to remove excess skin and the other one was adding breast implants.

What is most important is she has now managed to cope with her depression, and has stopped taking medication.

However, she encourages everyone to take pride in their stretch marks, because that is the proof of the long journey they have been on.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” is bullshit. I can promise you in both of these pictures chocolate chip cookies tasted exactly the same. The difference was how I have taught myself to THINK about food. I used to live for the next meal. Like…literally eating lunch I was thinking about what I would eat for dinner. I have learned to enjoy NEW things about food. I’ve learned to love cooking and am finding new ways everyday to make low sugar/carb meals that taste great but don’t keep me from my goals. I’ve learned to stop EATING my feelings and find new outlets for them. Mine are playing piano and working out (even though I hate working out…it clears me mind.) . Today I challenge you to take up new ways to blow off stress. New ways to feel good. Cause I learned the hard way that while bad food feels good now…it doesn’t make you feel good in the end. Happy Friday!

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Everyone keeps asking her about that one tip that will get them motivated.

“My tip? Write down how you will FEEL when you reach your goal,” she says. “How will your life be different? And every time you feel like eating bad or not working out-physically, pull out your list and ask yourself…is it worth the risk to not have the kind of life you want?”

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