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Woman Shares The Devastation Of Losing Her Baby To Group B Strep


Pregnancy is not the easiest thing to go through. Sometimes, you can have a very difficult 9 months carrying your child, but it’ll be well worth it as you’ll give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. The absolute worst thing that a parent can experience is a phenomenon known as neonatal death. This is the official name given to babies dying in the first 28 days of being born, most commonly minutes after they’ve been born, or even seconds. An absolute hell for the parent to go through. Although it is highly unlikely to happen, it’s not the fault of the parent. It occurs because of premature birth, low birth weight or birth defects.

One such example of a parent who lost her baby to neonatal death is Mikhailla Glossat. The 22-year-old from Darwin, Australia gave birth to her son, Foxx John Fitzgerald on March 29, 2017, and he died almost immediately due to a rare infection. The was-going-to-be parent spent 9 months sharing her growing baby bump to her now 8400 Instagram followers, and she lost baby Foxx around three days after giving birth to him. This is her story:
‘I couldn’t wait to share with all our friends and family that we were expecting and I knew by sharing it that it would allow me to realize that it was real – it was happening for us. And to finally just relax,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

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Mikhailla and her partner Ted were overjoyed when it was time for Mikhailla to deliver Foxx, but were then upset to discover that he was diagnosed with Group B strep, as diagnosed when he started to cough up bloody mucous.

‘Prior to giving birth I was routinely offered a Group B Strep swab test. A simple test that finds out if you’re GBS positive or negative and I tested negative at 37 weeks.
‘The swabs are known to be inconsistent, one week you can test positive, the next negative but in that very moment in time I tested negative and I’ll forever question why it had to be me.’

‘At 38.5 weeks I went into labour. I had an all natural birth, and gave birth to my son seven hours later on March 26.

‘Foxx was born healthy and fine, and we nursed and cuddled for a few hours before I got up to shower and my partner continued cuddling him while our son slept peacefully.

‘He was brought back over to me and we tried nursing again before he started grunting and coughing up mucous with blood.’

‘He fought the infection for three days before it got too much for his little body and he went into a seizure he couldn’t come out of,’ Mikhailla told Daily Mail Australia.

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To make matters worse, Mikhailla suffered two miscarriages prior to falling pregnant with Foxx.


Cautious from the beginning: ‘I didn’t get my hopes up this time knowing just how quickly things can come crashing down,’ the 22-year-old said. She is pictured here at 27 weeks

‘As we hit 12 weeks, I became more confident that this little baby was sticking around, and again as we hit 20 weeks and reached all the milestones after that 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 34 weeks.

‘I never once took a moment for granted knowing just how lucky I was to be pregnant. My pregnancy almost went too perfectly. I only had one scare at 30 weeks with some pre-labour symptoms but everything turned out fine.

‘He was always a little kicker that always let me know everything was okay when I needed it most,’ she said.



The little family were excited to add to their brood but losing Foxx was devastating: ‘This is like an out of body experience. I can’t comprehend why. Nothing else matters’

This is the caption of the photo she posted to Instagram after baby Foxx had passed:
‘Rip Baby Foxx. We love you forever, you didn’t deserve any of this. You deserved all the love we had to give you. We will love you for a lifetime.

‘There is no time too long, or too short. I don’t see faces, I don’t hear voices. I’m just numb. You will never know the meaning of life, the meaning of each day and how precious it is.

You might complain about the little things but there is far greater in this world that people are battling. My first baby, our rainbow baby. You fought hard. We will always love hard, and fight for your purpose,’ the 22-year-old wrote in a caption.


The young couple are now taking time to get over the devastating pain of their third almost successful attempt at a child. (pictured here at 37 weeks along)


‘Although none of it feels right. The best thing for us is to try to remain positive. We will try again for a family again in the future, when the time is right,’ Mikhailla told Daily Mail Australia.

The young couple are now taking the time to heal from their devastating loss.

‘I only gave birth less than two weeks ago so my body has still been physically recovering but we have been making sure we try to get out of the house and do normal things like going for walks with our dog, going grocery shopping, movies.
Right now it hurts knowing that our first baby can’t be here with us when he was meant to be.


‘It made us realize how many people you may pass on the street and never know their story, their pain,’ she said. She is pictured at 33 weeks along. I’ve connected with so many woman who too have birthed and lost a child during the first week of birth, or even other women who have birth still born babies at full term due to GBS.

‘I don’t ask for much, but I ask for any pregnant woman to please ask their healthcare provider more about Group B strep during pregnancy and to not only have one swab test, but ask for a swab test in labour or what other options they have in getting the best, most accurate result.

‘I would do anything to be able to change everything if I knew it would be enough,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

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