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This Woman Lost 118 Pounds Without The Help Of A Trainer Or A Diet


Darilyn is a 27-year-old girl who, one day, decided to radically change her lifestyle from laziness and sadness to sweating and positivity, and with that; weight loss! Two years ago, she started a weight-losing journey and succeeded in losing an incredible 118 pounds, which, if anything, shows some serious dedication and hard work. Even though she admits it wasn’t always easy, she would happily do it all over again. For her, learning to love to sweat and appreciate her body is much better than sitting around and feeling sorry for herself. What she did was join a 24-hour gym and changed her eating habits. Can you believe that she even started her own fitness routine? Darilyn does it all; from cycling to CrossFit boot camp. She has been documenting her amazing progress on Instagram ever since, using the hashtag #dkdoesfitness.

one thing i can tell you is that i feel like a different human within my skin. i remember that night – it was pride weekend two years ago and i had bought a men’s shirt (you can tell by how low the pocket sits on my side tummy/underboob area) and it fit me like a glove. i had to wear my hair naturally curly because when i went out – especially dancing – i was sweating from the time we got in the cab until we got back home. i remember thinking that i could never understand what life would be like without sweating. but what i didn’t realize is – i would continue to sweat but sweat becomes the goal. sweat is the reward. sweat is the celebration of what your body just did – intentionally – not just walking – or existing. this morning at our 6 am staff meeting where we started with a crossfit boot camp, i was CHOOKED that i was, yet again, at the end of the line for the runners. but then i realized after – i still did it. two years ago darilyn wouldn’t have even attempted. i wouldn’t be working at lululemon. i wouldn’t be in the middle of a 30 spin challenge. i wouldn’t be as inspired. basically. i’m all the emotions today. ‍♀️ SHOCKING DARILYN. today i’m so very thankful to be right here. just here. i am thanking myself for my resilience. and for my dedication to this journey. we ain’t done yet y’all. and i probably never will be. thank you for being along for the ride, y’all. this is just one of the hundreds of reasons why i started. we got this, y’all. ✨ #dkdoesfitness #thisisyoga #tbt

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When it comes to food she is a big fan of “eating intuitively.” What she found that works the best is to eat healthy when her body tells her so. “It’s a journey and a process — a lifestyle,” she said. “For forever. I’ve lost 118 pounds, and I’m crushing out the rest of this year to see how much stronger and leaner I can get!”

this is officially the most terrifying one yet. i avoid the side profile one all the times because like .. yiiiiiiikes y’all. but it’s also like, i look at the now and still see such a work in progress. but – i did this. me. and this is a moment i’m choosing to be thankful in. sometimes people won’t get it. they’ll nay say and belittle your progress. sometimes you do pretty incredible things and it’s okay to celebrate yourself. i ate a can of pringles last night. it happens. (for the love of god someone give me a muzzle ) THIS IS A PSA DOE – do you wanna sweat? wanna try new things? HOLLER. AT. YOUR. GIRL. i wanna get active and try all the new things. seriously. getting active with people and sweating and trying new things. so. that’s out there. happy tuesday, y’all. crush it! I GOT YOU. we all got dis. ✨ #transformationtuesday #dkdoesfitness

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She is not scared to be real and honest on Instagram about her struggles: “Sometimes people won’t get it. They’ll nay say and belittle your progress. Sometimes you do pretty incredible things and it’s okay to celebrate yourself,” she wrote. “I ate a can of Pringles last night. It happens.” Rather than being disappointed in herself, she just picks herself back up and moves forward.

We can wait to see what other amazing things this girl will accomplish in the future. What’s important is, she learned how to love herself.

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