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This Woman Was Given Four Years To Live, So She Lost 210 Lbs


Not only does being obese heavily damage your self-confidence, your ability to fit in your favorite clothes and your looks, but it also can do serious damage to your physical health. There are a lot of diseases and conditions that all relate to being obese, including diabetes, weight-induced sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, arthritis and congestive heart failure. And all of these are definitely more than serious.

One case of an obese person gone too far was Michele Elbertson, who was given just four years to live when she weighed an incredible 427 lbs at her heaviest.

This Woman Was Given Four Years To Live, So She Lost 210 Lbs 1

After she was told this, however, the 31-year-old decided to lose weight for real and is now a full-time marathon runner.

At the age of 23, she was told that she would not live to see her 27th birthday if she didn’t introduce drastic changes to her lifestyle and diet, so that’s when she decided to do just that.

“He sat me down and looked at me and said if you don’t get your life together you are not going to live another four years,” Michele said.

This Woman Was Given Four Years To Live, So She Lost 210 Lbs 2

Describing her life’s turning point – a trip to the doctor’s – Michelle explains;

“I was very honest with my doctor. I told him that I ate fast food multiple times a day and could barely walk to the end of the block without getting winded.

“He looked very serious and told me if I continued down the path I was on I wouldn’t live to see 27.

“I knew I was morbidly obese but that was the moment I realized I needed to do something, it wasn’t just people making fun of me anymore, it was life or death.”

After a meet-up with the doctor, Michele received a Lap-Band to restrict the food she was taking in.

“The Lap-Band gave me limits and taught me how to eat appropriate portions.”

Thanks to the band, as well as her commitment to meal preparation and a fitness regime, Michele has lost an astonishing 210 lbs in weight.


She is now a marathon runner and is weighing in at a much healthier 193 lbs.

“Even as a child I was always a bigger kid, I had bad genetics combined with a poor diet – I was a carbohydrate and fast food lover.” Michele stated.

“I would frequently visit McDonald’s, Burger King and was addicted to fizzy drinks.”


She also trained to become a professional bodybuilder, and would always cry because she was always the fat girl at school.

The best part of Michele’s new life, though, is the impact it has had on her outlook, “My life and mindset has changed completely. I’m happier and more confident. When I was overweight, I was shy and intimidated by people. Now I’m the polar opposite.”


Kudos to Michele and her incredible effort to transform her life, and we hope she’s managed to keep the weight off since losing it.


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