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Woman Who Lost Her Baby At 38 Weeks Advises Women: ‘Trust your maternal instincts’


How often have you heard people say that a mother knows when something is wrong with her baby? You may consider this as cliche, but next time think twice on this ability of mothers. Sometimes, you have to listen to your mother instinct and follow it. This woman did not trust her maternal instinct and listened to her midwives telling her everything is fine with her baby. At 38 weeks, however, Georgia Boyton, 20, from Claton-On-Sea, Essex, was told that her daughter had lost her heartbeat. Georgia Boyton, 20, and partner James Regan, 25,  lost their baby girl Dollie-Raie forever.

If earlier intervention had taken place, her daughter may have been saved.


Boyton’s pregnancy developed normally until she was 33 weeks.


Boyton said her bump was getting smaller, but her midwives assured her that her pregnancy was safe.

Georgia says: ‘My pregnancy was perfect until I reached 33 weeks and I noticed Dollie-Raie’s movements change.

‘She’d always been such a wriggler but I began to worry when she slowed down.

I’d also noticed that by bump had shrunk, I could now see my feet which had been hidden before.

‘But after speaking to the midwife about this, she didn’t seem concerned and nothing more was done to check this.

She also had some other symptoms. She explains: ‘I had painful headaches, breathlessness and pains in my stomach which I now know are signs of pre-eclampsia but nothing was done to check this at the time. So she decided to trust the medical staff, and not her instincts.


It was later discovered Dollie-Raie had died in utero during a scan to determine why she’d stopped growing.

Then, Georgia had to undergo a 32-hour-long labor to deliver the stillborn baby. Dollie-Raie was born weighing 6lb 10oz and the young couple was able to spend two days and nights with their daughter before she was taken to the funeral home.


The couple is now waiting on a post-mortem on Dollie-Raie to see is they could have saved their daughter’s life if they came earlier. They are still confused but know that there was basically no connection between One to One Midwives and Colchester Hospital.


Dollie-Raie was carried in a fairytale chariot at her funeral, with the mourners wearing pink.


What Georgia did afterward was sharing her heartbreaking ordeal online in a bid to warn others of the importance of trusting your own instincts. The post has been viewed over 14,000 times.

She added: ‘Dollie-Raie was such a wanted and loved baby, we couldn’t wait to become parents and start a family life together. But it was destroyed at the final hurdle after my worries about the end stages of my pregnancy were ignored. I’ve had an apology email from One to One Midwives and I’m supposed to be receiving a letter as an investigation has been launched.’



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