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Millennial Woman Are Fully Embracing Their Body Hair And This Might Be The New Trend


Over the years, humanity has used an impressive array of tools to remove hair, such as clamshell razors, lasers, lye depilatories, tweezers, waxes, threading and electrolysis. But I never actually understood why women feel the need to shave. While men take pride in looking like hairy baboons, women must erase every little strand from their bodies just because society says so?

Well no, that logic doesn’t work and I am not the only one who agrees. It turns out that a lot of women are leaving their razors aside and letting nature take its course. They have been embracing the #bodyhairdontcare movement with a lot of enthusiasm and this trend will probably continue to grow over time.

I mean, if we weren’t meant to have hair then the universe wouldn’t have made us this way. Since 2013 the number of women who shave their underarms has decreased by 18 percent.

96 percent of women, ages 16-24 shaved their underarms four years ago and by 2016 that number dropped to 77 percent, according to market research frim Mintel.



Researchers say that millennial women aren’t huge fans of shaving their legs anymore and why not? It’s fair if they enjoy their own natural body especially during the winter.


‘Shifting trends’ are responsible for the decline of hair removal products, claims Mintel. Women are riding the way the only way they know, by growing their body hair. Famous celebrities also are embracing the movement.



While breaking this rule, women will save thousands of dollars since they spend more than $10,000 on shaving throughout their lifetime and those who wax spend $23,000 according to The Atlantic Nadine Ajaka.

Just imagine what we could do with the money and the time we save.



Author of “Plucked: A History of Hair Removal,” Rebecca Hertzig writes that in the 1900’s body hair became disgusting to American middle-class women. They started to use pumice stones and sandpaper to eliminate the body hair. In this way they differentiated themselves from the lower class citizens and immigrants. Wow!



The society’s fixation to hairlessness was to “produce feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability, the sense that women’s bodies are problematic the way they naturally are, Herzig adds.

Hair removal serves nothing more than a way to oppress women.



“Body hair removal” has become such a trend over the years that there are men who haven’t seen women with hair down there. Kristie Mercer writes that her friend who was turning 30, only now had begun to sleep with a woman who didn’t shave.



There are other processes that gained momentum except waxing and shaving. But laser hair removal and Nair have been known to cause scars, irritations, discoloration, blisters etc. Is that more attractive than body hair and healthy skin?



Girls who chose to embrace the natural look also have been dying their body hair. They often go with strong colors like blue, orange, pink etc. By doing so, it adds even more attention to their body hair while making some others feel uncomfortable.



Men can parade around with unkempt, bushy beards on their faces, and curly strands of  hair peeking out from their shirt collars, but women are repulsive if they don’t look like dolls? I don’t get why we are desperate to manipulate nature just to make others comfortable.



Speaking historically, men have done a lot to limit the freedom of women, but modern women no longer obsess over acceptance by the male species. Hopefully, this trend will continue to gain popularity in the next few years.


Source: @catbeyond

What do you guys think? Would you stop shaving if it would save you time and money? What’s your opinion on this evolving mindset?



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