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A Woman Manages To Perfectly Apply Makeup Underwater


Applying makeup while being in your comfort zone when having all the time in the world is pretty easy, right? Well, for some, at least. And then there are some individuals who think outside the box and go above and beyond experimenting outside of their comfort zone. Applying makeup underwater, for instance.



This video of a woman who is applying makeup underwater is going viral.

This makeup is incredibly waterproof. She starts by applying blush, penciling in her brows, and continues with shading around the inner corners of the eyes and tip of the nose.

After that, she curls the lashes and applies mascara. Finally, she applies a liquid lipstick. You think that this would be a total chaos of makeup and a huge mess? Well, you would be surprised by the final result. It is simply flawless.

For some mastering the makeup on dry land is a pretty big challenge, but not for this beauty vlogger. She takes the challenge to the next level.

Instagram user @meplusfashion, which has 404k followers to date, posted a video of a woman applying makeup completely underwater.

Surprisingly, the results are completely stunning and flawless. She has managed to leave over one million people who viewed the video beyond impressed. The feedback is only positive.

I can’t even open my eyes properly underwater let alone apply makeup, and yet she is doing it so effortlessly! At the beginning, she simply blends some blush with her hands which sheers out to a light wash of color. Then she continues using Perfect Brow by Archita to perfectly pencil in the brows before shading towards the inner corners of the eyes.

After that, she continues curling her lashes and impressively applying some Perfect Action Mascara by Za. This is beyond impressive, unbelievable! Finally, she applies SuperMom liquid lipstick. And, voila. Flawless underwater makeup.

This definitely brings a whole new meaning to the idea of waterproof makeup.
Insider has reached out to the @meplusfashion account to ask about proper attribution. However, they weren’t able to provide the original source. Either way, this video proves that underwater makeup application is definitely possible, but you need to be a pro.

Source: thisisinsider

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