This Woman Performed A Spectacular Bouncing Ball Show At A Tram Station


This middle-aged woman made a real score and surprised everyone with her bouncing ball skills. She borrowed a football from some schoolboys, and she performed a real show while waiting for a tram in the  Cevizlibag station in  Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul,

She didn’t drop the ball once while passers-by recorded a 33-second video. Amazingly balanced, the woman dressed like a typical Turkish housewife seems  not bothered at all by the bag over her shoulder.

The video became viral in almost no time. And it’s obvious why. The passengers waiting for thw tram and the ones coming off are amazed at her skills. They are stopping and gathering around her to check what is she doing. She clearly won a great admiration from the audience and received a round of applause.

She’s got a lot of comments on the internet as well. Some netizens are speculating that she is probably an aunt of some famous Turkish first league player.  Others say that she is a real inspiration for other women and they should  not to be ashamed to discover their hidden talents.


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