One Woman Photoshopped According To Different Countries’ Beauty Standards


We’ve talked to you about Photoshop before. Photoshop is one of the most powerful pieces of software out there, as it allows you to take any photo and transform it into something completely different. When given to the right person with the right amount of time, Photoshop can make for some truly epic creations, but it can also make for some epic fails should it fall into the wrong hands, as you’ve seen before.

Now, I’m sure you know that beauty standards around the world are different. Each country around the world has its own standard for the perfect woman, and journalist Esther Honig decided to explore these standards.

The Columbus, Ohio, USA journalist hired over 40 artists from different countries all around the world and asked them to photoshop her based on the beauty standards in her country, in order to make demonstrating these standards easier for people to understand by using the same person all across.

The results, as described by Esther herself are “intriguing and insightful”

On the left of the image, you will see Esther photoshopped according to a country’s beauty standard, while on the right is the original, raw, unedited photo of her.

1. Argentina

One Woman Photoshopped According To Different Countries' Beauty Standards 1

2. Australia

One Woman Photoshopped According To Different Countries' Beauty Standards 2

3. Bangladesh


4. Bulgaria


5. Germany


6. India


7. Kenya


8. Morocco


9. The United States



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