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This Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant So She Can Smuggle Cinema Snacks Into Movie Theaters


If you’ve been to a cinema at least once, chances are your opinion on cinema snacks will be that they are way overpriced. And they don’t always have your favorite Doritos! On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a movie without snacks; those two things go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, instead of paying for the extortionately expensive snacks, we sometimes sneak some inside our bags: a Snickers bar or two, Milk Duds, or whatever tickles your fancy. However, one mystery woman found an imaginative and creative way of bringing in a huge bowl of treats without anyone knowing.


Twitter user Angela Brisk tweeted about a mystery woman’s smart life hack, which solves the problem of sneaking in cinema snacks into a movie without being noticed. All you have to do is pretend to be pregnant by hiding an enormous polystyrene bowl under your sweatshirt. At, least that’s how this woman is smuggling in her snacks.


Perhaps not surprisingly, this hack has gone viral really fast


She uses a large polystyrene bowl that she fills with snacks, and then hides it under her sweatshirt to pretend that she is pregnant. Voila, problem solved!




This tweet has been liked by more than 41,000 people, perhaps proving that there are many cineasts angry at movie theaters’ extortionate food prices out there.

One called it an “instant popcorn bowl,” while another user said that there will probably be a lot more pregnant men going to the cinema these days… or they would simply explain their bellies with the fact that they just love drinking beer.

However, there were a few Twitter users who didn’t understand why anyone would go through all this¬†trouble, when you can simply hide your cinema snacks in bags and purses.

Well… perhaps that’s what they told Alexander Fleming when he discovered those slices of moldy bread in 1945!

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Source: dailymail

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