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This Woman Rejected Her Boyfriend’s Proposal Until She Shedded The Extra Pounds.


A lot of brides-to-be always exaggerate that they need to go on a diet because they’ll look fat in their dress, or they’re going to look bad in the photos, blah blah blah.

In most cases, the brides are just, like I said, exaggerating. But, in the case of Jennifer Ginley, it wasn’t like this at all.

The 26-year-old engaged-to-be-married who hails from Liverpool, UK, felt completely defeated due to her weight. She weighed in at 270 pounds (122 kg, 19st 4lb) and she definitely wasn’t happy with herself.

Proposal 1

Despite her weight, she was still able to find love in the form of her boyfriend of 11 years Luke. He loves her inside and out and was desperate to propose to her.

When he finally decided to propose, Jennifer rejected due to wanting to lose the excess weight.

Then came the family vacation to Disney World, where she struggled to fit into some of the rides. She was constantly looked at by all the bystanders, which just diminished her confidence further and further.

It’s not that she didn’t want to marry Luke, quite the opposite. She just didn’t want to be an overweight bride. The photographs and dress shopping just seemed to be overwhelming and emotionally painful.

Proposal 2

After all the humiliation she went through, Jennifer decided to show the STOP sign to the whole thing. She signed up for a weight loss program and was determined to shed the extra pounds and transform herself once and for all.

She pulled all the necessary stops – dietary changes, drinking more water and keeping herself accountable.

While all this was happening, Luke had purchased her dream engagement ring. All he needed was for Jennifer to give him the all clear.

Proposal 4

She lost 135lbs (61 kg, 9st 9lbs) in weight in just a year, and went from a UK size 24/26, to size 8/10.

You can certainly tell the difference between before and after the weight loss. We’re glad Jennifer decided to make this change because now, she can have the wedding of her life and be happy with her soon-to-be husband without feeling humiliated anymore. She’s inspiration in person!

Proposal 3

Ever since her weight loss, Jennifer was also crowned Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017.

Source: Inside Edition

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