17 Things Every Woman on Earth Can Relate To While On Their Period

17 Things Every Woman on Earth Can Relate To While On Their Period


Let’s all agree that periods can be really horrible. They are a biological clock that can surprise you at literally any minute.

Besides, when they do, your days can become a living hell.

Apart from feeling bloated and like something is tearing apart our ovaries, menstruation can ruin our favorite knickers and make us and everyone around us go crazy.

I mean, if you think the hell ends here, just think of how much money you spend on tampons and pads. Insane!


Most women go through terrible mood swings, their hormones are just all over the place, and there is the fear of bleeding through the underwear that seems to never end.

Keep scrolling and see if these seventeen points reflect the struggle of having a period.

1. Our emotions hit the roof very quickly


And of course, guys won’t understand how easy it is to go from happy to extremely sad and crying. It’s like we live a parallel life when it’s that time of the month, and let’s not even start with the anger issues.

2. When the period comes out of nowhere, and we are like… What did just happen?


Although this is not what actually happens in real life, many of us know that this is exactly how it feels.

And of course, it can happen anywhere. Literally. Remember to always have a tampon or pad in your purse.

3. The pain


Just like we mentioned earlier, periods can hurt like hell. Almost everyone has dealt with cramps at least once. You are lucky if it lasts for a day, or two. And while we are here, let’s mention sore and sensitive breasts.

4. Finding the right position

Try finding the right position while on your period. It’s a real challenge, right?

5. At least there is one positive thing about it. Not always, though…


Yay! You are not pregnant! Go out and celebrate.

6. Unexpected waterfalls


Okay, so, to make it even more horrible, try sneezing when you’re menstruating. Not the most comfortable feeling, I’d say.

7. When you are not prepared for it


Just like we said earlier, always try to remember putting a pad or a tampon in your purse. We know the struggle.

8. When you decide to stay home rather than hit the beach


You just know that the tampon string will find it’s way out. And that’s the end of life as we once knew it.

9. Working out


We even use our periods as an excuse not to exercise. However, for those that do want to go through with it anyway, it is a real challenge.

10. And then there is the fear


You always worry about your tampon flying out of your bag. What if you suddenly pull out some lipstick and your tampon just doesn’t want to stay there and embarrasses you by flying into a stranger’s face?

11. Monthly rituals


When your partner actually has to go get pads or tampons, and you go over this every month. Just awkward.

12. Are you serious?


When someone, and in most cases that would be a man, asks you if you are annoyed because you are on your period. Guys, can’t you see you are stepping on our nerves?!

13. You don’t know how to define your emotions

When you feel you have no control over your emotions. You can feel ten different emotions at the same time. Not the best feeling ever.

14. When you think it’s finally over


Oops, wrong guess! Even though menstruation might disappear for a while, it can come back, and it usually happens when you decide to put on a nice pair of knickers.

15. Sore boobs


We all know how this feels like. Sometimes it even starts before the period comes.

16. Feeling bloated


So, if sore boobs weren’t bad enough, think how bloated you feel all the time. And this turns into anger when you see that your favorite pair of jeans doesn’t fit.

17. Last but not least…


The joy and excitement a person feels when their period is over! Miraculous!

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