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She Said She’d Send Unsolicited NSFW Pics To Their Moms, And She Did


Twenty-year-old Arizona State University student Madi Kohn is a normal girl, with normal social media accounts, but with a twist. On her Tinder profile, she has a little disclaimer that says: “If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom”.

Fair enough.

She says that she received a large number of unsolicited photos from strangers on the internet which happens very often for a lot of women, and it’s ANNOYING. Hence, the disclaimer after a while.


“I’m not the first person to receive things like that and it’s not been the first time,” she told BuzzFeed.
“I’m just tired of people in general thinking they can send things like that without repercussions, and they think it’s OK.”

To make sure that he understood that it’s not okay to send these pictures to her, Kohn put a disclaimer in her Tinder bio for men who might be sending her pictures of their penis. It reads: “If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom”.


And last week, one man went and found her on Instagram, only to send her some sexually explicit messages, and yes, he included a d*ck pick.
“He had messaged me several times before that,” said Kohn. “I never replied.”

She believes that he found her account through Tinder where she has a link through to it on her bio. Kohn says that he was saying “creepy” things to her before sending the picture.
“He was sending kind of creepy and kind of gross and annoying things to me,” she said. “He finally sent me his lovely dick picture — he sent it to me at 6 a.m. in the morning.”


She got so “heated” when she saw the messages and after a bit of investigation she found the man’s Facebook page and his mother’s too. Staying true to her bio, she sent the same message to the mother which included a screenshot of the man’s picture asking her to talk to her son about this behavior.

“I tried to be civil when I wrote the message to the mom,” says Madi.


The mother responded a day later and wasn’t angry at Madi at all, instead she was very apologetic. She responded to her in Spanish and then in English saying that she will speak to him about the picture.
“She took it pretty well,” Kohn said. “She wasn’t turning around and attacking me. It was super nice.”


However, BuzzFeed also talked to the man, and it’s fair to say that he isn’t very happy with Kohn.

“I will say this. If that was ‘me’ what she did was illegal. You can’t share those types of ‘private’ pics without consent,” he wrote. “I am not sure if you are aware of that.

“My mom, my sister, other family members, my friends — no one cared,” he wrote. “I think the fact that no one cared pushed her of [sic] the edge to try to make a big deal out of this.”

Why should they care, and more importantly, why would he mention that… if it’s not him?

“My mom knows very little English so I don’t know if she understood what was going on,” he wrote. “She was just surprised by the picture she was sent from her. She apologized the best she could because she did not know what was going [sic]. She called me and just told me about it.”


Then, the man said that he would not press charges against her  “as long as she leaves me and my family alone.”

Kohn really hopes that this story will deter men from sending these picture to women in the future. What do you guys think?


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