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Woman Shares Photos Before And After Having A Panic Attack


Everyone you see nowadays seems to be happy and bubbly, and that could mean one of two things. Either they are actually happy and bubbly as they appear, or, deep down inside, they are extremely depressed, unhappy and stressed.

One example of the latter is Amber Smith. The 22-year-old from Rugby, Warwickshire in the UK posted a selfie five minutes after having a panic attack and compared it with a normal “glam” selfie she would post, makeup and filters included.

She wanted to raise awareness for people with mental illnesses and to make the world realize that not everyone they see is as happy as they may seem. She posted a long but powerful message to her Facebook, and this is what this mental illness sufferer had to say:

“God knows why I’m doing this, but people need some home truths.

Top picture: What I showcase to the world via social media. Dressed up, make up done, filters galore. The ‘normal’ side to me.”

Woman Shares Photos Before And After Having A Panic Attack 1

“Bottom picture:

Taken tonight shortly after suffering from a panic attack because of my anxiety. Also the ‘normal’ side to me that most people don’t see.”

Woman Shares Photos Before And After Having A Panic Attack 2

“I’m so sick of the fact that it’s 2016 and there is still so much stigma around mental health.

It disgusts me that so many people are so uneducated and judgmental over the topic. They say that 1 in 3 people will suffer with a mental illness at some point in their life. 1 in 3! Do you know how many people that equates to worldwide?! And yet I’ve been battling with anxiety and depression for years and years and there’s still people that make comments like ‘you’ll get over it’, ‘you don’t need tablets, just be happier’, ‘you’re too young to suffer with that’.”


“Someone actually said this to me one day ‘aren’t you too young to be suffering with anxiety and depression? What do you actually have to be depressed about at your age?’

Wow, just wow.”


“I’m a strong person, I’ve been through my fair share of crap in life (the same as anyone else) and I will be okay.

I have the best family and friends around me and I am thankful everyday that they have the patience to help and support me.”


“To anyone who is going through the same, please do not suffer in silence.

There is so much support around – Don’t be scared to ask for help.

This is why I can’t stress enough that it costs nothing to be nice to others. Don’t bully others, don’t put others down and the hardest one of them all (as we have all done it at some point) don’t judge another person. We’re all human regardless of age, race, religion, wealth, job. So build one another up instead of breaking each other down.

Peace & love guys”


Source:Amber Smith, diply

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