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Woman Traded Her Packet Of Szechuan Sauce In Exchange For An Actual, Roadworthy Car


Set aside the need to have a high IQ to watch the highly celebrated cartoon series Rick and Morty, according to individuals on the internet… There’s something that the series, starring Justin Roiland and Chris Parnell is heavily credited with, and that’s the massive demand for fast food chain McDonald’s to bring back the limited edition Szechuan Sauce.

For those that don’t know, Szechuan Sauce was a time-limited menu item offered at select participating McDonald’s outlets in the US in 1998, corresponding with the release of Mulan. Ever since the stuff was mentioned in Rick and Morty, fans of the show and the sauce have demanded an awful lot for McDonald’s to return the sauce, and people are ready to go to great lengths to obtain it.


Source: Twitter | @JustinRoiland

Only one McDonald’s restaurant in Detroit ended up getting a very, very limited supply of sauce packets. One Detroit woman named Rachel Marie drove 45 minutes to Detroit and waited hours and hours in line to get one single packet of the sauce.

It actually paid off.


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Because packets are currently going for insane prices on eBay (as I write this to you, there is currently a packet of Szechuan Sauce for sale on eBay listed for $1000), Rachel decided to see what she could trade the sauce with.

The answer? The person she traded with gave her a Golf in return. A Golf, as in, the car. She got an actual car in exchange for a packet of sauce. Seriously.

While other people offered interesting stuff on her Facebook post, this guy went to another level and actually put his car on the line in exchange for the sauce. Imagine a plot element like this in a Fast and Furious movie!


Source: Facebook | Justin Chait

And to prove that it was road-worthy, Duane Kimmel drove all the way to Detroit where Rachel was in order to prove that the car was roadworthy and in working order. When he got there, the exchange was made and Rachel posted an update on the original post showing that she had indeed acquired the car.


Source: Facebook | Justin Chait

Would you trade a pack of Szechuan Sauce if it meant you could have a car? If the car in question was a Subaru Outback I’d be first in line for the trade!

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