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These Woman Try This Cool “Boob Trick”


Hello people, we have all the stuff you need to know about bra tricks.

The famous Kylie Jenner shared with us a big secret of how to make your breasts look bigger and it totally works. She is wearing a padded bra which is very specific too. The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra.

We decided to put this bra test on six real-life women with six different boob sizes. See what happened:



“I admit it feels more womanly but also it felt like I had a fanny pack full of snacks to my boobs. It just wasn’t feeling very natural. I don’t know.”



“Small boobs are good the way they are but it was so much fun watching how big they became. They gave me a very big cleavage, I was used to having none!”



“Being relatively flat-chested, I always wear a slightly padded A-cup bra. So I didn’t expect a very big transformation since I don’t really have much boob for a push-up bra to push. But they definitely gave a noticeable boost. I was really impressed with this one.”

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