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This Woman’s Baby Bump Looked Completely Different During Her Second Pregnancy

Baby Bump

And it’s all because of the changes she made the second time around.

Bethany is a marathoner and a mom. She’s known as @BethyG27 on Instagram and her first child was a healthy boy. However, the first time, she was in labor for 44 hours and it took six full weeks to recover from giving birth.

So the second time she got pregnant, she decided to do things differently. She ran throughout her pregnancy and focused on weight lifting. This is her, lifting at 40 weeks:

Weight lifting completely changed the way her baby bump looked. The left photo is her pregnant with her first child, and the second one is during her second pregnancy when she spent more time weightlifting instead of running.

#6weekspostpartum today so time for some reflecting. The left is #40weekspregnant with my son, and the right is almost #41weekspregnant with my daughter. I gained the exact same amount of weight with both pregnancies, 33 lbs and my daughter ended up being about a pound bigger than my son. With my son I ran my entire pregnancy until 37 weeks but didn’t do any lifting. With my daughter, I lifted throughout and did some running on the side as well. In pregnancy in general… It didn’t make that big of a difference. My back and hips still killed towards the end. But in recovery and labor it has made ALL the difference. My sons labor was 44 hours long and it took me the full 6 weeks to recover and to begin even walking again. With my daughter labor was 5 hours and it took me about 5 days before I felt normal again and ready to go, hence why I’ve been incorporating working out again. I know some of this is normal with multiple births, but… I do think it goes to show if you work hard and consistent it does pay off. If your pregnant right now and wondering if its worth it to workout, it is! It is SO worth it and I am glad I pushed through every day of my pregnancy.

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