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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Woman’s Double-Crossed Legs


Arguably, The Big Apple is the place where you can find all kinds of people, from all around the world. But, if you want to see extra bizarre and weird things, just hop on the subway. You’ll be surprised how many awesome and creepy things you can see. Lately, this woman who was photographed on the New York City subway is making the Internet pretty uncomfortable.


The person who witnessed this captioned the picture, “Excuse me would you mind not sitting like that please? Thank you.”

How is she even doing that? I don’t understand. Also, why?

The photo was uploaded to Imgur by user SickOfFeelingNumb, and it went viral pretty quick. The people on the internet are freaking out over just how this woman’s body is doing that. They can’t stop wondering if her right leg is even attached to her body. It is pretty disturbing.

“Excuse me, ma’am, but some of your tentacles are showing,” one user commented.

“Is that right leg even attached? WFF,” wrote another. And someone else said, “She hasn’t long now until she returns to being a mermaid.”

Of course, it didn’t take much time before the photo became the subject of a few choice memes.

— Andrew Ziegler (@zieg) June 7, 2016

Some people even tried to recreate the way she sits.

I have figured out weird subway legs u guys.

Only few of us are this flexible. From what we can tell, this woman’s legs can do the impossible. As one user commented on the photo, “I do this sometimes but I had no idea it looked that creepy.”

However, the woman in the photo will always be remembered by the internet as the”almost-mermaid.”

Source: refinery29

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