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Women Reveal 10 Things They Hate Men Doing In Bed


Women are complicated, in their own way. Well, we are all different creatures, and men can be complicated, too.  Anyway, there are tons of things that annoy men and women. Men hate when their girlfriends test their patience in this way. Women, on the other hand, don’t like when men do certain stuff in bed. It just makes them go crazy and it does not necessarily mean they are going to tell them, for whatever reasons. Whether they tell you or not, here are some things women don’t enjoy men doing in bed.


Honesty is always the best option, and the most honest thing is that men and women like to feel good in bed. Sex is a mutual act, an intimate union between people that is supposed to be pleasurable for all parties involved. Sometimes, this is hard to achieve, but maybe there are certain things men should avoid doing.


1. Expecting sex to be just like porn

Just because every porn star is hair-free, it doesn’t mean all women are like that. Not everything you see in porn movies is achievable for most women.

Expecting sex to be just like porn

2. Pushing her head down

This is beyond degrading for many women. Some women like it, but most will feel uncomfortable. Fellatio is a woman taking control of the man for many, and nobody wants to be forced to do anything.

Pushing her head down

3. When the guy stops even though the woman hasn’t orgasmed

Sadly, the world does not revolve around you. This is not cool at all!

When the guy just stops even though the woman hasn't orgasmed

4. Heading straight down south

It’s good if a man knows his way down there, but women are sensitive. Just remember it might feel a little uncomfortably abrupt for her. Foreplay is the keyword here.

Heading straight down south

5. Being too aggressive to her delicate areas

The clitoris is super sensitive, so don’t handle it like you would a game controller. This also goes for the breasts and nipples. Be as gentle as you can, until she tells you otherwise.

Being too aggressive to our delicate areas

6. Not taking protection seriously

I don’t think anyone wants an unwanted pregnancy, or gonorrhea. You can either ask her if she’s on the pill, or use other protection like condoms.

 Not taking protection seriously

7. When he goes without foreplay

You could be kissing literally for 10 seconds and he thinks now’s the time. Women need more time to warm up before intercourse can proceed.

When he whips his wand out too early without foreplay

8. Being verbally obnoxious

It’s obvious that girls love a confident, and charming man. But talking yourself up by boasting about how good you are in bed is a huge turn-off. Dirty talk may be fine while in bed, but don’t go too nasty. Some women like it, some detest it.

 Being verbally obnoxious

9. No post-coital affection

Don’t just jump off the bed, although you will, of course, clean up afterwards. The woman might think you are insensitive, so stay for some time to just gaze at each other.

No post-coital affection

10. Playing dead fish when she’s on top

Whenever someone is on top, it’s not cool if the other person is lying like a robot down there.

Playing dead fish when she's on top


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