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7 Things Women With Fantastic Hair Always Do

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We all know that one woman with the most amazing hair. Honestly we’re jealous of her. Those women look like they’ve met the hair fairy (Hairy Godmother?), or sold their soul to a shady creature, their hair is so good.

Stop wondering. We know what they’re doing, and now you’ll know it too. And then you’ll be the one whose hair people ask about.

Here’s what these women do to have the perfect hair.

1. Avoiding Heat Styling As Much As Possible

Let’s be honest here, a lot of us have to rely on heat based products to style our hair. A good bit of advice is not to overuse them and don’t subject your hair to excessive heat.

Be gentle with your hair, and if you really absolutely have to use a heat styling product, use a spray-on heat protectant to protect your hair from damage.

2. Not Skimping On Moisturizer Application

The scalp needs moisturization, just like the skin. Always be sure to apply conditioner when you shampoo your hair.

You should also apply serums that reduce dryness, frizziness and split ends while styling your hair.

3. Eating The Right Foods

It’s reccommended to have a good, healthy diet that’s rich in zinc, iron and omega-3 fats to stimulate hair growth.

When you start consuming the right combination of healthy nutrients, you can obtain thicker, stronger and shinier hair. You’ll also nourish your nails and skin with this.

4. Getting Regular Trims

A good idea is to trim your hair regularly, to add a healthy length to it. Although you might be tempted to skip them, they are very necessary to prevent split ends and dryness.
Trimming yourself every three months is a cheaper alternative.

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