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Women Are Sharing A Hilarious, Yet Confusing Meme That Leaves Men Speechless


The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the word ‘meme’ as “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media”. For many of us, it just means pure laughter when our days are sore. Don’t think that millennials are the only ones spreading them! A mother created her very first meme during the solar eclipse and she got maximum support from her family. But memes can tell all sorts of things. Sometimes, they are so confusing, other times, so straight to the point. Trainee cosmetologist Payton Hicks gave women across Twitter a reason to smile and something to relate to with her freshly cut meme. Here is how she named it: ‘you vs. the girl he cheats with’. Internet’s reactions? Beyond explanation.

The meme was actually simple. There were two photographs of the back of a curled head, but with one subtle, yet very crucial difference.

For girls, this meme was instantly relatable and high-five worthy. Guys, however, struggled to understand it. It was basically the Da Vinci code.

One guy pleaded, ‘help, I don’t get it’, while another simply posted a picture of a confused cat, with its eyes darting back and forth in bewilderment.


— Monkey •D• Jiggy (@Jackel_Ramzilla) September 7, 2017

Girls were pretty quick to explain what was going on about the meme.

The curls on the left have a polished look, and are loose, soft, bouncy and in style. These would be the curls of a girl who doesn’t care that her now ex-boyfriend sent inappropriate pictures of himself to a lesser version of her.

The curls on the right, however, are way too tight and need to be brushed out. They would feel awful to the touch and have the outdated look of the girl who comments with love heart eye emojis on his Facebook pictures.

It seems like #girlpower memes can be difficult to grasp at first.


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