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Some Women Are Shaving Their Faces – But Why?


Wasn’t shaving for men, actually? Women follow so many beauty rituals, what makes them go for shaving as well?

It may sound weird, but girls shaving is actually a thing. And, there is a different name for it – dermatologists call it “dermaplaning.”

Moreover, it’s been around since Marylin Monroe. Here’s what Women’s Health has to say about it:

“Old Hollywood legends used a regular-old razor back in the day, but the technique has evolved into so-called ‘dermaplaning’. Fans like myself now use a tool that looks like a brow planer—a small stainless steel blade—to carefully remove peach fuzz from our complexions. What’s really cool is that the motion of the blade on the skin also exfoliates dead cells. This leaves the face exceptionally smooth.”

Female stars have been using this method because it’s supposed to make your skin appear flawless in close-ups. And  bloggers and beauty junkies have accepted the trend, noticing that the makeup blends effortlessly after this. Experts also say that skin-care products applied to dermaplaned skin absorb more deeply and easily.

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