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If You’re A Woman, You Can Relate To This


It is indeed difficult to be a woman sometimes. Women tend to complicate stuff and make them even harder that they usually are. There are millions of tiny things to do in order to maintain their outward appearances. Shaving their legs and doing makeup barely summarize the truth about doing these things.

Here are 21 things that most women will relate to:

1. Eyeliner.

For those who love it, they know the struggle of applying it. Just doing a few flicks will probably never work with eyeliner. Quite often, most of us end up looking like a panda.


2. Hair, lip gloss, and the wind is not a good combination.

Lip gloss is a makeup essential. But what if you have to go out when it’s so windy?  Yes, your hair is bound to stick to your lovely and glossy lips.


3. Your nails chipping

If acrylic or gel nails aren’t your thing, then you’re going to have to paint them yourself. After you’re finished doing your nails, they probably start chipping slowly.



4. Forgetting to take your pill

Trying to remember to take a pill every single day is frustrating. Especially remembering what day was it when you last took it.


5. Drawing on your eyebrows

It used to be so simple.


6. Wearing cropped jeans and unshaved legs

Sun is out and women like to get their legs out. But that means more shaving, which ladies are not fans of. Make sure to shave them if you’re wearing cropped jeans, though.


7. Wearing tights

Ah, the pressure to look good in them.


8. Wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are fun until you rest them on top of your head when you’re in the shade. Then, they get stuck! Such a painful experience.


9. Visible Panty Lines

They can sometimes ruin a great outfit and embarrass you at the same time. Be careful when choosing your outfit next time.


10. You can’t just wee like boys can.

Trying to have a wee is not a simple job. This might leave you crouching behind a commercial bin after a night out, desperate to relieve yourself.


11. Taking your bra off

The best feeling ever! Especially after a long day at work.


12. Scheduling your showers to social events you have that week

Some women schedule their showers so they meet with their social obligations that week. Unless they want to try dry shampoo.


13. Being late and convincing yourself you must be pregnant

It’s quite possible that you did not have sex the past month, but somehow, you’re pregnant.


14. Messaging someone a bunch of questions and only having one answered

Men need to learn texting etiquette.


15. Dropping food down your top

This happens very often and food ends up in our bra. What an irritating feeling!


16. Breaking a nail



17. When someone accidentally elbows your boob

This is a fairly painful experience. And awkward, too.


18. When you diet and your boobs lose weight first

Really, boobs? You had to go first?!


19. Buying matching underwear sets but never wearing them as a duo

The reason why women do this is just unknown.


20. Leaving the shower looking like Alice Cooper

Forgetting to remove your makeup is something that happens very often. This might be the final result.


21. When you’ve planned an amazing outfit in your head but it awful in real life

Ideas can only be great in your mind sometimes.



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