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15 Things Girls With Small Boobs Will Find Totally Relatable


We already had a piece on the everyday struggles of large-bosomed women, but what about the other side of the story? Girls with small boobs fight their own fight and it’s no less challenging than the one of their heavy-chested colleagues. Here are fifteen situations you will invariably relate to if you have tiny boobs.

1. The gap you inevitably get in your cups

“I’ll grow into them one day…”


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2. When someone bumps into you, there is always the buffer zone of an insane amount of bra padding to protect you

“Don’t worry ma’am, I barely felt a thing!”


3. Wearing a sports bra and as if by magic…

…no more boobs!


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4. Losing weight sucks because your boobs get even smaller

On the plus side, you can indulge in junk food without the feelings of guilt other girls get.


Source: Netflix

5. Going out without a bra on is no big deal

Unless it gets cold, then it’s every nip for itself!


6. People always assume you stuff your bra…

But you haven’t done that since padded bras became a thing!


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7. Dating you comes with a disclaimer:

If your partner needs something to “hold onto”, he can count out your tits!


8. Trying to give yourself cleavage is an Olympic sport…

…except you have no banned substances at your disposal!


Source: Fox

9. When shopping, you pretty much always need to get a bigger bottom and smaller top

Especially when it comes to bikinis which are a total nightmare!


10. Laying on your back is another way of performing a disappearing act:

There is suddenly a teenage boy in the place where you used to sit!


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11. At a certain point you just embrace all the crap you get from people about your chest



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12. You assume that men won’t stare at your tiny boobs…

…only to learn creeps never discriminate.


13. Sometimes feeling like you’re still waiting for puberty to hit…

…but in reality girls half your age have a more luscious bosom


Source: ABC

14. Finding the one silver lining


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15. And being able to rest easy with the knowledge that your boobs will never give you back problems!



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