Why Are Women Taping Their Toes Together?


When I first saw taped toes I was like, what the hell? I mean why would taping your toes together sound like a good idea? What are the benefits? But I made some research and it turned out that it’s a really smart move!

Taping your toes will help you with ”breaking in” new shoes quickly. New shoes can cause blisters on your toes and ankles that can hurt very much and can make you wimper.

With this, you will be walking down the street with confidence, and preventing the possibility of blisters and other wounds. And guess what? I found 13 more tips and tricks for you to soothe blisters so you are welcome!

Make the new shoe fit and keep them looking brand new.




Restore whiteness by rubbing toothpaste on your old shoes
Clean leather by rubbing alcohol on them
Baking soda gives a new and fresh smell to your sneakers
Scratches will be long gone if you use a nail file
Get rid of bad smells by soaking your shoes in a vinegar solution
Petroleum jelly makes your patent leather shine bright like a diamond
Use cornmeal to absorb stains
Using a hairdryer on your new shoes will stretch them out. Put thick socks on them and get the heat on
Loosen too tight shoes in the freezer – Fill up plastic bags with water and place them in your shoes. They will expand in the fridge and stretch your shoes to fit
Beeswax makes canvas shoes waterproof
Soak your feet in tea. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea will soothe the blisters.



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