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Women Find All Of These 25 Things Strangely Satisfying

Women Find All Of These 25 Things Strangely Satisfying

There are a ton of things we do every day that, to us, are “oddly satisfying”. Believe it or not, there are a ton of girl specific things that are oddly satisfying, and yes, all your [female] friends do this or have done this at some point, and don’t be shy to admit; you’ve done it as well.

Here are 25 things that all women find strangely satisfying.

1. Sniffing your pits

Just to feel how smelly they are.


2. Picking dirt out from underneath your fingernails

Something about swiping out a massive quantity of dirt.


3. Squeezing your spots in the mirror

It hurts, and it’s disgusting, but when you get there in the end, the feeling is amazing.


4. Squeezing your friends spots

Even though you’re not too keen on their painful screaming, you’re both satisfied in the end.


5. Having a casual chat with your friend while using the restroom


6. Pulling out a big wedgie

Such an amazing feeling to pull it out after a long while of it hurting you as it’s stuck between your legs.


7. Examining the size of your blood clot when you’re on your period



8. Picking dry skin from your feet

It’s a great feeling, especially when it doesn’t hurt. Kinda like peeling off the glue from your hands in school.


9. Cupping your tits and holding them

No one knows why women do this, but we do and we like it.


10. Waxing your brows

That monobrow is letting its wings loose, but we won’t let it go that far. The wax strip hurts a little bit, but it’s well worth it in the end.


11. Taking your bra off at whatever opportunity that pops up

Isn’t it such an amazing feeling to take your bra off after a long day?


12. Pulling your hair out of the bath plug

I don’t do this myself, personally, and as a result it’s difficult for me to see why this is satisfying, but whatever floats your boat.


13. Leaving your leg hair to grow

No excuse except for being lazy. Shaving them, after all, is a pain.


14. Rewatching old Disney movies and shedding a few tears


15. Plan a scenario argument in your head

Even boys do this. You’re just making up argument with that person you hate that will probably never happen.


16. Pulling hair out of your hairbrush

After a long while of brushing your hair, it’s an amazing feeling to pull out the hair that will undoubtedly get stuck there.


17. Pulling your tights up to your bra

One of the best feelings in the world.


18. Wiping your makeup and looking at the wipe afterwards

Makes you realize how much makeup you actually wore that night. Feel guilty? Of course you don’t.


19. Going to bed with no underwear after your period ends


20. Taking off your heels after a long night out

Your feet can finally breathe, it’s the best feeling ever.


21. Wearing makeup from the previous day

The previous day you were on the right. Today, you’re on the left.


22. Flopping into bed with your legs freshly shaven

The dog’s face perfectly describes the feeling.


23. Plucking the longest eyebrow hair


24. Peeling off the nail varnish from your nail in one stroke

Just like taking off the plastic from your new phone.


25. Dressing gown over your clothes

It’s so comfy to wear it around the house, isn’t it?



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