Wonderful National Adoption Day News: These Two Sisters Adopted Six Kids Together!


Aaron, Bayla, Emma, Olivia, Franco and Jake just got a whole new life — and amazing moms!

Tracy and Sherrie Smith are not the conventional parents couple. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out that these two women who adopted six children together – are sisters.

“This is weird,” Tracy laughed on WFAA. “We know it.” But for the inseparable duo who live together, the adoption was a natural extension of their own upbringing — three of their siblings were adopted as well. A time came when Tracy decided she wanted to take a family of four foster children, Sherrie was supportive. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mom, though. The children’s biological mother was a drug addict and their father was in prison. And when the agency called and said that they aren’t really four of them. There were actually six of them. But, ‘no one is crazy enough to take all six’, right?


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