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You Won’t Believe What Johnny Depp’s Daughter Looks Like Now!


It was like yesterday when Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had their first child, Lily-Rose Melody Depp! But believe it or not that was back in 1999! Now that little baby girl is a beautiful, elegant teenager!

She is 17 and following her parents’ steps she has already started building up her acting career. But with all that charm and beauty she couldn’t be missed as a model too!

Although her parents split back in 2012, Lily-Rose splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris as her parents have joint custody of her.

She made her modeling debut with Chanel in 2015, and even had her own spread in Vogue Paris’ October issue. Recently she also started showing her acting abilities.

1. Gorgeous child

Lily-Rose was a beautiful child and with her intelligent expression even then it was obvious she’d grow up to be a lovely young woman.


2. Family time

On this pic she is with her mother Vanessa and her little brother Jack.


3. Resemblance to her mother

Even at a very young age she strongly resembled her mother Vanessa Paradis who is a model, actress and singer too.


4. Following her mother’s steps

Her mother Vanessa Paradis has been the spokesperson for Chanel since 1991.


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