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You Won’t Believe These Pictures Are Not Photoshopped


These pictures have been discussed a lot. They are really surprizing so people find it hard to believe that they are real. Well, actually you can’t blame them because with new technology and Photoshop, everything is possible. But one thing is for sure, the pictures below are not manipulated by Photoshop. Check them out:

1. Wow, this is so scary!

So, this shot is real and it was captured during a slide film Fuji Provia 100, using a Nikon F5 Camera and 17-35 mm lens. Unbelievable right?


Source:via thomaspeschak

2. Inspired by Pixar’s Up!

The people at National Grographics created this awesome 16 feet by 16 feet floating house. I t was to be useed for their new TV series, “How Hard Can It Be?” As you can see in the picture, there are 300 helium filled weather balloons that are attached to the house. Legendary!


Source:via neatorama

3. Is the town small or is she giant?

This photo is called Teenage Stories by photographer Julia Fullerton. There was no Photoshop used, just some small scale villages and life-sized models.


Source:via juliafullerton-batten./small

4. Yes, that’s her actual waist size!

Cathie Jung has a corseted waist measuring 15 inches and un-corseted it is 21 inches. When she hit 38, she started wearing a training belt that really slowly reduced her 26-inch waist. But, she never had surgery!


Source:via telegraph

5. Here we can see a little girl riding an alligator in the 1920’s. Not weird at all.


Source:via pleatedjeans

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