Out Of This World Pottery By Amanda Joy Wells

Out Of This World Pottery By Amanda Joy Wells


Oklahoma-based Amanda Joy Wells is a pottery artisan dealing in a custom-ornamented fine pottery and ceramics for everyday use.

Her quest for self-fulfillment took her down this road. She creates pottery as a reaction to her deepest troubles and in this way she initiates her being and leaves a legacy behind.

“One thing that always stays with me regardless of my mood is that one day, eons from now, someone might dig up one of my pieces,” she says.

“And wonder about the maker. Making ceramics is my legacy. Paintings fade or burn in fire but pottery is almost immortal.”


And indeed her pottery leaves you wondering and in the utmost awe.

The universe became her leitmotif when a woman who had just lost her son commissioned her to make a mug with a nebula pattern.


“It was getting close to the holiday rush but it really pulled at my heart strings, so I gave it a go,” Wells told Bored Panda.

These patterns caught on.


Her pottery affects the senses. They are something astonishing to look at and engage with.


“I like to think of myself as a Mood Maker by creating things that set a tone, enhance an atmosphere or elicit an emotion when they are experienced.”-writes Amanda on her Etsy profile.


She is also helped by the unflinching support of her husband. They met when they both got stuck together for days due to a snow storm.

“When Jason and I met we were trapped together in the ice storm of 2007 and after a few days together we both knew that this was it. He told me as we were trapped in the ice that he would support my dreams.”

With his help, she managed to create her very own spacious studio, workshop and retail gallery area. Her husband takes care of the business side of her brand and makes sure everything runs like clockwork.


They also curate the exhibitions of local, upcoming artists with similar drive and sensibility.

What do people have to say about her work?


Debbie_East commented under a recent article published regarding Amanda’s work:  “Amanda makes stunning pottery!”

“Even more than that, Jason and Amanda are beautiful souls and it shows in their art and in their personality. Thank you both for being you!”


Check out her Etsy profile to find your mug. The next batch of her work will be available for purchase on March 1st.



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