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Worlds Heaviest Woman Is Half Her Size


Egyptian-born Eman Ahmed, 36, is half the girl she used to be after losing 533.5 pounds. She underwent weight loss surgery, but before she was known as one of the world’s heaviest women.

She was so heavy, she needed to travel on a cargo flight to India for her treatment. On the picture, Eman is sitting up in bed, something she was not able to do just a few weeks ago. Eman has a rare genetic disorder called Elephantiasis  that made her body always hungry. By the time she was 11, she was unable to walk, therefore couldn’t stand up from bed and remained in that position for another 25 years. Consequently, her disorder leads to other diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroid, fluid retention and kidney problems.


One of the surgical team – Dr Kamlesh Bohra – explained: “Usually, weight reduction does not happen this fast. In her case, the diet designed after her surgery is responsible.” The doctors are trying their hardest to bring her body and health in balance.

Eman, who had to be winched into the hospital by a crane – underwent a 90 minutes procedure which reduced her stomach size by 75 percent. . She used to weigh 1102,31 pounds was and considered to be the world heaviest woman. Before the operation, she had several seizures and strokes and unfortunately, the left side of her body is still paralyzed. She need to lose more weight because she is not fit enough to be put inside a CT scanner for a brain scan.

Eman is reported to be feeling well enough, so she started making plans for visiting her home in Alexandria. Dr Bohra said: “Eman has been missing Egypt and her family and wants to return. We are planning to send her back by April-end but she may need another month’s hospitalization”.

Everyone hopes that this is only the beginning and that Eman won’t give up until she is feeling healthy and satisfied. And hopefully, on her feet.


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