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‘The World’s Saddest Dog’ Finds A New Foster Home After Being Returned Twice


Lana is no ordinary labrador. What makes her special also takes her away from people. The almost three-year-old dog needs time to make contact with the environment and she likes to keep her own distance. The canine first appeared in the media back in 2015. She looked so depressed in a kennel, that she broke millions of hearts after it went viral. She was twice returned to her kennel but has finally found her home.

After the news that she had until May 20 to find something more permanent, things seem to have moved quicker for her.

“Drum roll please,” says the animal rescue group Rescue Dogs Match. They wrote on their Facebook page, “Lana has a new forever home.”

The rescue wrote on Facebook earlier that the perfect family would be “a mature couple or person that has the time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident.”

Thanks to their Facebook request for help, the rescue organization based in Toronto, Ontario started receiving many adoption applications. “We are happy to report that Lana has found a foster home and a new training program,” the update reads. RDM would like to thank everybody for their concern and support.”


‘The saddest dog in the world’ found a family who wanted to adopt her in 2015. Shortly after, however, the family returned her, which made the dog very depressed.


After the event, the dog was rejecting her regular walks.


The family decided to return her because Lana snapped at the mom.


“Lana’s adoption did not work out because people want a dog they can pet and play with,” said Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dogs Match. “Lana is a silly fun girl but she is not the type of dog that will let you give belly rubs…”.


The reason why Lana did that is probably because of her memories of being the runt of the litter.


She may have had the urge to protect her own food. Sadly, the family just wanted to have a dog they can pat and play with.


It was reported on many sites that Lana had until May 20 before she was put to sleep. But days before her third birthday (14 May), the RDM organization declared this news as false. They explained that this date was her “move” date. They weren’t planning to put her to sleep.


After the facebook post, the rescue team received many applications and support for the dog.


Luckily now, Lana will have a new home and a family who will take care of her.


More info: Rescue Dogs Match | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: thedodo)

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