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This Is The Worst Passenger You Can Ever Be Seated Next To On A Flight


Instagram and other social media, as well as photos and experiences on the internet will make you believe that traveling is the best thing since laser cut bread. You get to see the world, explore unearthed secrets of different countries, see some sights, try some food and other such stuff.

But in reality, traveling is not the greatest experience, because of course, there are always people on flights that will absolutely ruin your experience. Kids, for example will sometimes cry an awful lot and you may not be able to sleep. I’m not saying people shouldn’t bring their kids, but I’ve had experiences in the past.

And I thought that’s as bad as it gets for me, but Jessie Char, as we’re about to see, had it far worse than anyone who has ever been on a flight can ever imagine.


Jessie, at first, thought that she was the luckiest gal in the world by managing to score a seat with two empty seats next to her, on a flight from Long Beach to San Francisco. High flying? Nope, those dreams were shattered. By who, you may ask?

By the person who sat in the row behind, that literally put their feet on the empty seats’ armrests. Why?

Naturally, Jessie tweeted her amazing passenger on Twitter, saying “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare”. Just look at this:


But I’m afraid it gets worse.


Yes. That same passenger used their foot to open the window. The window that wasn’t even in the same row as them. And you thought the screaming baby on your flight was bad? You haven’t experienced stuff like this yet, sister.


The tweets soon went viral, and the responses were pretty priceless:

Take Kirill here, who says that tickling was the only way to go.


Others, like XaiaX over here had other suggestions that were… slightly… off limits?


But it was pretty much a unanimous agreement that this was a bad situation to be in.


Talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on AC360, Jessie opened up about her traumatic ordeal, saying, “I had intentionally left the armrests on my row up so that I can enjoy my expansive bench in the sky […] but shortly after takeoff I noticed that one of the armrests kind of fell down. I thought it was a gravity situation, but when I looked over, I saw this serpentine set of toes willing out from the row behind me.”
Jessie didn’t confront the passenger, but she did want to call a flight attendant, adding to her original statement: “I waited for a flight attendant to come, but by the time somebody finally came over to me the feet kind of descended back from whence they came,”

So now that we’re on the subject of flight and aviation, how’s about these pieces of furniture made from old airplane parts?


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