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Those Lines On Your Wrists, What Do They Mean?


Our bodies are amazing, are so are the ways history has created in understanding them. Long before people could rely on medicine, there was palm reading. So, your palm has your life line which is believed to project your destiny and health over time and it also contains your love line that shows you how pure your heart is.

Your pinky finger can tell what type of person you are, your wrist has hidden messages about you that you yourself never knew.

Every line has its own meaning but the number of lines you have is really important. Apparently, having just one line on your wrist means you’ll have a shorter life and two lines means 56 years at most. Having three lines means 84 years and very few people have the fourth line that means a longer life than 84 years.

Okay. So now we have modern medicine, but we’re still clicking here, aren’t we. Look at your wrists.


Bracelet Line 1

The first one is considered the most important and can signify health problems in men and women. If the line is defined and unbroken it means that you will have a healthy life. If the line is broken and curved you may have reproductive issues.

Bracelet Line 2

The second bracelet line tells your wealth expectations in life. If you have a straight second bracelet line that you can look forward to happiness, wealth and prosperity. A broken line means that wealth and happiness might be harder to achieve in your lifetime.


Bracelet Line 3

The third line relates to your fame and power in life. A straight line means you will be a influential person which can also mean you’re a leader.


Bracelet Line 4 (RARE)

Consider yourself a rarity in the world if you have the fourth bracelet line. This line strengthens the fame aspects of your third line, making them more likely and applicable.


However, you guys. There’s no scientific study that has proved this, and we’re having fun. So yeah, don’t panic if you don’t have the sufficient number of lines. And if you have enough that are supposed to mean you’ll be rich and famous, then what are you waiting for? Or is it you reading this, Lady Gaga?

Knew it.


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