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What Are The 4 Wrong Ways To Use Eyeliner?


If you use makeup, then you’re probably among the 99% that use eyeliner. (That’s not the correct statistics, but you know what I mean). And like many other women, you probably make mistakes while you do it, which mostly fall among these four this Youtuber talks about.

So, what are the regular mistakes?

1. Do you always wear black, or brown eyeliner.

Try something else girl, there’s a world of oportunities.

2. Do you make a heavy line on the bottom lid?

There’s another way to do it.

3. Do you use the right type of eyeliner?

Because there’s a different type for different applications.

4. Do you apply it unevenly?

Because there’s a cure for that as well.

Check out the video and tell us your own tricks and mistakes if you like! Comment here, or on Facebook, and who knows, someone else might learn more!

Source:Lady Life Hacks

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