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15 Yearbook Photos That People Regret Posing For


When you were a little kid, you probably loved picture day at school. It was basically the most important school day of the year. You spent months thinking about what you will wear and how you will pose, but when the real moment came, it all turned out bad. Not to mention you regretted taking some of these pictures for the rest of your youth.

Nowadays? You look at them and have a good laugh. Self-deprecation is always a sign that you have matured, after all! Even though your mom used to get on your nerves when she would order the deluxe photo package complete with a dozen wallet-sized copies and then distribute them to all family members! Yearbook pictures have their ups and downs, and here are some people who are not so happy about them, compiled by Diply.

1. Eat, sleep, play, repeat

The kid who picked up all the girls in high school…


Source: Imgur | mezzanine224

2. After plowing the field and feeding the cows, this handsome “farmer” is just in time for his photo


Source: reddit | shepry_44

3. Not a single retake can save you, kiddo


Source: reddit | Enesex

4. The Hello Kitty hairdo was so popular back in the day


Source: Imgur | ZerperGercher

5. Doesn’t this kid remind you of a yoga master?

He is probably one with nature.


Source: reddit | frumpyfrontbum

6. When they tell you not to blink


Source: reddit | Archz714

7. When your parents forget that it’s photo day and you end up wearing this

His face says it all!


Source: reddit | KillerKenyan

8. There’s at least one in every class


Source: reddit | boj3143

9. At least she tried to pose


Source: Imgur | tayls

10. A future gold digger, apparently


Source: Imgur | BubblegumRhino

11. The photographer did a small mistake


Source: Imgur | ihavenobrain

12. Maybe he is making fun of his future mugshot

Just maybe…


Source: Imgur | drunkvan

13. Look out! Laser eyes coming your way!


Source: Imgur | DoucheClown

14. Meet Scott Myers, the class clown


Source: Imgur | StahpInfection

15. Don’t force me into it, I said!


Source: Izismile
Main image via reddit / frumpyfrontbum
Collage images via 1. reddit / frumpyfrontbum 2. Imgur / ihavenobrain

Here are some more awkward school photos.

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