Yeezy To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol Reboot Installment

Yeezy To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol Reboot Installment


Rapper extraordinaire and multi-media darling Kanye ‘Yeezy’ West is said to be the possible replacement for Simon Cowell on the reboot of American Idol.
‘Kanye is at the very top of the wish list, not Simon Cowell,’ an insider close to RadarOnline said.
Ryan Seacrest is thinking of doing a relaunch of the popular show and has his mind set on Kanye West as a part of his judging panel.
Good for you, Ryan!


The thirty-nine-year-old songwriter and producer has worked with the cream of the crop of media titans; be it musicians, producers, designers etc.
It’s not hard to imagine that he has a well -trained ear and knack for quality products.


I was watching the Kanye West Screen Test with Lynn Hirschberg last night on W Magazine’s YouTube channel. This guy is definitely the crazy genius people brand him to be.
In this little vignette of an interview, he compares himself to Will Ferell’s character in ‘Elf’ meaning he only wants to bring joy to people.
And he definitely seems like a genuinely good person who only wants to bring good art to the Regular Joe.
Can there be a better way to drive people to success and stardom than constructive criticism?


However, substituting for Cowell will be a challenging task, to say the least.
His work in the field of talent show judge began in the far away 2001, on the panel of the first series of Pop Idol.
That’s sixteen years in the business.
He is lauded and hated for his blunt criticism including insults and wisecracks. This little bird will not mince words.
You know who else does not mince his words? You got it!


Word on the street is that they gave Kanye an offer he can’t refuse.
An insider with RadarOnline was reported saying:” ‘Ryan Seacrest has put his name forward during his negotiations to come back as host and NBC are salivating over it.”
He then continued to say that Kanye West even consulted with former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez regarding the position.


Will we live to see I’mma-let-you-finish West interrupt contestants half way through their auditions ranting about pitch, shoes, God and Art?
I guess we have to wait and see!


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