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When This Young Girl’s Trying To Practice The Flute, The Dog Has A Hilarious Response

girl playing on flute

Flute off?

Is there a better blessing than having a dog to grow up with? They never fail to fill our life with joy and happiness. There are some specific moments that make our pets shine, and the dog you are going to see below will put a big smile on your face.

Social media has dubbed him ‘the grumpy dog’, as he makes no bones about how he feels about his human’s musical talents.


You probably heard about the hours parents spend listening to their child’s instrument practices, and it seems they never get tired of it. Maybe you even are those parents. But what we forget is that our pets also are a part of these experiences, and this golden retriever wants to let everyone know that he has had enough. The young musician doesn’t take his whining to heart and can see the funny side. I think she enjoys winding him up!


When she plays a few notes, dog’s response is hilarious. As his response becomes more dramatic, the whole family is in tears. It seems like the dog just wants to have a quiet nap. Or maybe, he’s trying to add some vocal chords, and he’s the one who is lacking musical flair. Judge for yourself in the video below.

Source:America’s Funniest Home Videos , faithtap

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