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The Youth Fountain And Men Who Marry Smart

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We’ve all heard the old adage which tells us it’s not only the looks that count but the brains as well. This isn’t just for you but also your partner. So, try marrying smart.

This tidbit of folk wisdom moves into the common sense era the older you get.

Studies show that marrying a woman who exercises sound logic and critical thinking on a daily basis might see men reach well into their old age. It also prevents the onset of mental health issues.

Lawrence Whalley, a former professor of Mental Health from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, came to the conclusion that men or women in intellectually-stimulating relationships seem to live longer and dodge the development of certain mental illnesses, such as dementia.

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How does dementia work? Dementia is not a disease per se, you can’t catch it or inherit it (in some rare cases you can), but it is a resulting state of joint symptoms, affecting memory, communication and language centers, as well as judgment and movement.

The study showed that a person’s surroundings affect their mental development or decline, as the research was conducted on identical twins.

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So, what would be the logic behind such reasoning? Well, it takes one to know one. Simply put, a challenging partner will always push one to rise up to the occasion. Intellectual discussions will require you to invest in and harvest the brain work that you used as an adolescent or in your formative years.

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Men and women who had physical signs of mental illness development on their brain scans, but showed no progress past the initial stage shared one common trait; they were the flowers of the flock.

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Reaching middle age can make you glib in terms of acquiring and contextualizing new knowledge or retrieving old information which can lead to memory loss. Engaging in stimulating conversations which require imagination and pragmatism can make the brain toggle between stored knowledge in your brain’s schemata and critique new knowledge. Thus, it can keep the juices flowing and oil the aging cogs of the brain.

So, find your inner Scheherazade, cuddle up next to your beau tonight and fall asleep telling endless stories.


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