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You’ve Been Using These 10 Emojis Wrong


Hi there, Emoji Queen!

We’re here to tell you that you may be wrong. Yes, apparently, there are tons of emojis people have been using wrong and ‘The Talko’ have made a video list of them which explains exactly how we’re supposed to use them.

And wait till you see just how many times you’ve ‘bowed to someone in awe’ by using what is actually an ‘apologizing emoji’. Or you’ve told someone that you’re sad, by using an emoji that’s sleeping in an anime character manner.

And then again, you’ve probably been using the ‘Dancing Bunny Girls’ emoji right. Because it does mean ‘Sexy Girls In Costume’ in every language.

Have you witnessed a hillariously wrong use of an emoji? Or maybe you’ve been using one wrong yourself? Tell us in the comments!


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