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You’ve Been Using Ketchup Cups Wrong


After watching this video, you will say, how come I didn’t know this? It’s so simple, but as the famous Russian hacker explains you can save the earth the next time you treat yourself to a juicy burger. From now on you will use only one paper ketchup cup.

We know that it doesn’t matter if we eat McDonald’s or Burger King, fast food is not healthy. But that is not what we are going to discuss now. The problem is that when we are eating burgers and fries, we need ketchup and the dispensers are too small. Therefore we often end up getting 3 to 5 little ketchup cups and bringing them back to the table. As you will see you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life .

But if you watch the video below you will see an easy trick you can do. You will learn how to adjust and expand the ketchup cup. As the vlogger explains, you have to pull the sides of the cups, and they will expand to hold three times the amount of ketchup.

This way you will have enough ketchup for all the fries next time you go to McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. Enjoy!

Source:CrazyRussianHacker, tiphero

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