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You’ve Been Wearing Your Bra Wrong For All The Time! Here Is The Right Way!


Here we go with the number one problem of every lady: finding the perfect bra that will not itch, and will make our boobs look perfect!

OK ladies, let’s set things clear from the very beginning; if you want your breasts to look flawless you MUST choose the right bra and wear it properly!

So, here is the first step to the flawless breasts-look: Find your correct size!

Here is what you have to do, take a measuring tape find your size and following the steps below!



1.Forget About Cheap Bras!
Stop spending money on crappy bras that last no longer than one day and then you end up buying another one the next day!

Spend a little bit more money and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.



2. Mind The Bra Strap.

Check out your back strap in the mirror. If it is riding up your back then it’s too small. If you loosen it and the strap stretches as you wear it, it’s not a good sign. So remember, the strap should neither be too tight, nor too loose, it has to be just right, like Goldilocks!



3. Watch Out for The Cups.

The size of the cups also matters. They should be the right size, neither too small nor too big. If they are too small your boobs will bulge out of your bra, and if too big they will show an ugly space under your shirt.

So when choosing the right cup check the underwire which has to rest smoothly against your rib cage and not the underside of your breasts.



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