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I’d LOVE To Think Inside This Box!


A few things in this world amaze me to the point of batting my eyelashes dreamily and thinking how well they would go with my life, whatever they are. Interior design, that is, smart, crafty and FANTASTIC interior design is one of those things. A few days ago, I discovered this BOX thingy, and I immediately decided that I need it desperately.

Because of these reasons.

This is Yuliya Gavrilova‘s Box:

box 1
Source: behance.net

As you can see, it’s a whole, magical world. The bed is on top, and here, we can see the workspace. That bed looks so exciting with its tiny little walls, I don’t know how I will be able to close my eyes in it.

And here, we can see another side of it, that is, the workspace from before, and some play space:

box 2
Source: behance.net

And this is how the TV space is combined with the living space:

box 3
Source: behance.net

And then, there’s closet space:

box 4
Source: behance.net

This just proves how perfect we could manage in small apartments and studios, and that it doesn’t have to be a mouse hole, but rather an adorable living space for young, fashionable individuals. Interior design is magical like that, and I’m using this opportunity to bow down and congratulate Yuliya Gavrilova on her talent. To praise her, and people like her. And to jump up and down, with joy about such nice things being in our reach. This truly is artistry.

Besides, it says ‘get a smaller space, you’ll nail it’.

And it’s a lot easier to get a smaller space than a huge one, right?

Loving this.

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