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Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Just How Evil You Are


The stars and planets can have a great influence on you based on your zodiac sign, that is if you believe in the horoscope. Astrology is great, and, although psychology negates horoscope, you can find out cool stuff about your personality according to your zodiac signs. Is it a pure coincidence that you relate to the stuff mentioned, or is there truth in what the stars have predicted for your behavior? We assume you are tired of reading your daily and monthly horoscope, but this is something entirely different. How about seeing how evil you can be according to your sign? Let’s reveal your dark side.

1. Cancer


Source: The Pink Smoke

You’re an absolutely decent thing. The only problem is that you’ll keep getting accused of evil deeds thanks to inevitable misunderstandings.

2. Capricorn


Source: Nerd Reactor

You are the absolute evil hero. Also, you are stuck on a super team with no real leader, so you’ll never know what your role is in this crazy world.

3. Libra


Source: Marvel Animated Universe Wiki

You know how to make diabolical schemes! The truth is out.

4. Pisces


Source: National Geographic Kids

You are an actual fish. Since you just swim around loving life, you’re not at all evil.

5. Aries


Source: Comic Newbies

You’re the hot-headed child of the planet of war, Mars. Unfortunately, you don’t really have the patience to be evil. It all depends on you.

6. Virgo


Source: SHEmazing

You are basically the secret evil maker. You are secretly helping the bad guy. However, a good speech from your best friend will inspire you to turn on them and restore balance to the universe.

7. Taurus


Source: Pokémon Wiki

You’re a Pokémon. A Pokémon is only as evil as their trainer. So, don’t feel guilty, because it’s usually someone else’s fault.

8. Sagittarius


Source: Build A Villain Workshop

You’ll try so hard to be a hero, but the frustration from doing that will make you so angry that you’ll start acting like a villain.

9. Scorpio


Source: Nostalgia Rush

You’re masterminding an evil bid for world domination that will put the world in jeopardy. Also, you’ll be so loved by your henchmen that none of them will betray you.

10. Leo


Source: DeviantArt | SnowingRoses

Would you describe your friends as warthogs and meerkats, or as hyenas? You’re good if it’s the first one and evil if it’s the second one.

If it’s both, you’ll be the greatest of all because you’ve finally brought harmony to the animal kingdom.

11. Gemini


Source: Entertainment Weekly

If someone comes along and begs you to fight against a person who looks just like you, you’re the good one. If that never happens to you…sorry.

12. Aquarius


Source:Entertainment Tonight

You are incapable of any evil and everyone loves the wonderful things you do.


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