10 Amazing Benefits Of Doing Squats Every Day

Doing squats will help with the building of leg muscles including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. It’s one of the best exercises for you but also one of the most difficult ones. Just with doing one simple squat you engage almost every muscle group in the body so it’s very important to do them properly.

First, you need to warm up and stand with your feet apart. Then start bending your knees at 90 degrees, extend your arms and go back to the position you started. Beginners should start with doing 20 repetitions, two sets daily, and slowly increase the number.


Here are 10 reasons why every woman needs to do squats, courtesy of Style Graze. 

1. Build muscles


Doing squads requires all the muscles groups to work which in turn causes our body to increase the anabolic hormone production; something that is very important for muscle growth.

2. Flexible knees

When you do a squat you are basically doing a very compound movement. Something that includes your hip and knee joints. But it also strengthens them and it improves the balance of the legs.

3. Burn fat


Not only will you build muscle but you will also burn fat doing squads. You can burn around 500 calories every day if you increase the number of squats.

4. No waste of money

You don’t need gym equipment to do these simple exercises which in turn will save you from gym feeds and spending your hard-earned money on exercises equipment.

5. Relaxed back

Also, squads are a low-impact exercises meaning they won’t put pressure on your ankles, knees, or back muscles. Actually, your back muscles will become even stronger.

6. Improved posture



Prolonged sitting leads to a backache and poor posture but you can fix that with doing squads regularly which will strengthen your back muscles.

7. Clean bowels

Also if you are doing squads you’ll improve the flow of fluids in your body which will help with constipation.

8. Get rid of cellulite


Cellulite can be stubborn. But, when you do squats you enhance the circulation of oxygen in your blood and you also tone your legs; both leading to having cellulite-free skin.

9. Toned legs

There is nothing better for toned legs than squats. So go ahead and get yourself the legs you always wanted.

10. Toned butt

And not just your legs; also your butt. Squats are the key to round, firm, and toned butt.

Source: stylecraze

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