10 Surprising Body Language Signs That Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Do you consider yourself a relationship expert, or do you love reading relationship hacks because you have no clue about what keeps a relationship going? If you are in a relationhip, it can be hard to read clues from your partner, but in reality, it’s quite simple. It all comes down to body language. Decoding it will tell you so many surprising facts about your overall relationship that you may not even need to ask your partner hat’s wrong.

1. Hugging

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The way your partner reacts to your embrace tells you if they are really close to you or not. If they have no problem hugging you tightly, their feelings are positive. However, if there is a distance when you hug, it seems like it’s out of obligation only.

2. Fighting

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Keeping eye contact while fighting means that your partner is really listening to what you have to say. Some say that if you turn away, it just means that you’re ready to turn your back an may even abandon the relationship. But it’s different for every situation and relationship, so take this with a grain of salt.

3. Dating

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If someone extends their hand during a date, it’s an inviting gesture, but trying to sit away from a partner means no interest whatsoever.

4. Kissing

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Kissing on the forehead means that you care deeply about your partner, but it might also mean just a friendship if it’s short.

5. Fidgeting

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If your partner is constantly fidgeting when you are around, they are clearly nervous and uncomfortable.

6. Walking

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When you like someone, you tend to do something called ‘mirroring’, which means mimicking their actions, expressions, and language. Also, if you walk in a synchronized fashion with your partner, it signifies deep connection. If one partner walks in front of the other, it may mean a lack of communication or hostility.

7. Television

language 7

If you are all curled up together when watching tv, it means you are very happy. Even when you are not so close to each other, you may mirror your body language. Unhappy partners will constantly use pauses to check their phones, for instance.

8. Flirting

language 8

Little things like resting your head on the shoulder mean they are interested in you. Refusing your touch may signify disconnection and lack of interest.

9. Back

language 9

The further down the touch on the back is, the more intimate the gesture is.

10. Eyebrows

language 10

Raising both eyebrows means you are interested in something. Furrowing your eyebrows may mean distance and disconnection. It may even mean your partner is aggressive, so watch out!

Watch the whole video below, but don’t forget, every relationship is different. Just make sure you get to know your partner and have good communication, and the job is half done.

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Source: TheRichest