Ten Times When Cats And Dogs Joined Forces To Destroy Christmas

Ahh, Christmas. The perfect time for a warm, nice, get together with your family! Which includes your dogs and cats… And all pets, really. Your iguana Jes? Yep. Your python Mickey? Check. That creepy neighbor who goes by the name of Tom or Don and steals your rat’s food? NOPE, SCRATCH THAT.

Now, just today I had an incident that’s related to the lesson we have today. One of my cats (the male, black one) was chasing my older cat (the female, gray one). Aaaand until you count to ten, of course, my lady cat decided that the best place for her to hide is – you guessed it – the Christmas tree. And, guess what she decided to do next?

That’s right, CLIMB IT. At which point my entire family scrambled and was luckily expedient enough to aver a Christmas-wide cat-astrophe. Even my dog was like, staring at the scene with his ears perked up, being all like “Um? What is going on? Do I get a snack? Humm?” Sigh.

But, I am not alone in this happenstance. This danger of a natural disaster of epic proportions. This Christmas induced cat and dog shenanigans. ALmost everyone is experiencing this! And Bored Panda collected a lot of evidence. It seems like cats and dogs are united in their destruction of Christmas decorations in their Great Pet War.

Let’s see.

1. It wasn’t me, hum? Youz believez mez, right? Bark.


2. I averted this EXACT scenario earlier today. Whew!


3. Seeing as I’m kinda too lazy to open them myself, I’d welcome a helping paw!


4. Tag: “Cool guys with explosions in the background”



5. Om nom nom!


6. Does he think he’s a Christmas tree decoration?


7. It’s the cat, I tellz yoof!


8. This dog was probably a cat in a past life.


9. This is why you need a cat! To distract your dog!


10. At least everything’s in place!


Source: Boredpanda