10 Clever Tips & Tricks For A Safe Travel

Do you travel often? If so, then you’ll definitely appreciate these travel tips and tricks we’re about to share. You might’ve discovered some along the way, however, you can never know everything. There are some travel mishaps that are bound to happen, but there are also some that can be avoided pretty easily. And while we share the collection of best travel tips, who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to get out and explore more.

1. Never take expensive things with you.


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Costly things like jewelry or cameras are better left at home. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention with these things and you can never know everything about the place you’re traveling to. Every day, thousands of travelers get robbed due to their lack of simple precautions. Don’t be one of them.

2. Don’t say your personal data out loud when checking in.


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In this case, it’s best if you write down your name, telephone number, or any other information and hand them over to the staff at the hotel or wherever you’re staying. Instead of saying it out loud, ask the hotel staff to write down your room number as well.

3. Download offline versions of maps and translation apps.


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While Google Maps, Google Translate, and similar apps come in handy in everyday life, they’re a no-go when traveling as they require an internet connection. Make sure to download an offline map of the city you’re going as well as an offline translating app, so in case you get lost and have no internet access, at least you have the map.

4. Don’t use the safe in your room.


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If you have something that needs safe-keeping, then ask at the check-in counter to see what they can do about them. Hotel safes are pretty easy to break into and usually are the first thing targeted when you’re being robbed.

5. Learn the schedule of local public transport.


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Public transport is the best means of transportation when traveling. It’s cheap and safe, but it’s also important to know the schedule as in some places there are fewer to no buses/trains at night. So to avoid walking or picking a cab at night, memorize the schedule and you’ll be fine.

6. Always put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when you leave the room.


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Make it a habit to put the sign and turn the radio or TV on when leaving the room as it gives potential thieves the impression you’re still inside. The more you live, the more you learn, right?!

7. Email yourself scans of important documents.


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Before every trip, make sure you scan and email yourself copies of documents like passports, driver’s license, visa, insurance or others, in case you lose the originals. What’s more, you can carry a paper copy of your passport instead of the original passport when going in an unfamiliar city.

8. Check the locks on all the windows.


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Often housekeeping might open the windows and the balcony door while cleaning and forget to lock them. Always make sure you check them, and especially if your room has a conjoining room with a door between the two, don’t forget to securely lock it.

9. Always take your ATM receipts with you.


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Some ATM receipts might show your location, transactions, balance as well as the last digits of the card and accounts numbers, which can lead to someone stealing your identity.

When using an ATM, always make sure:

  • no one is behind you when you’re entering the PIN number
  • don’t use machines located in deserted areas
  • don’t count your money or check through your belongings while standing at an ATM

10. Look for secure internet connections.


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It’s impossible to avoid using unsecured public internet connections, however, you can at least avoid typing passwords and especially logging into your bank account, work email or other sensitive accounts.

Hopefully, you’ll be more careful on your next trip and remember these tips. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry…


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