10 Most Common Personality Traits Of A Cheater

At some point in your life, you are bound to meet a cheater. Cheaters are out there and are sometimes hard to identify on sight. But they do have a lot of things in common. Here are the 10 most common personality traits of a person who is prone to cheating, courtesy of Meaww. Be wary!


Some people cheat, and you can do nothing to stop them.


But you can recognize them in the way they talk, move, and act. Here are the most common signs that someone is a cheater.


1. Lack of respect


A person who is bound to cheat will probably not respect you as a person. This behavior will be very evident with all of the people in the cheater’s life.


It will be the same for their friends, and also their family. The way they treat others is a good indicator of their overall personality.

2. Superficial


One way to understand someone is to notice what they talk about. If someone is a cheater, they are bound to be superficial. Also, if they are constantly talking about material things over beauty and looks more than about the qualities of a person, be careful. If outer beauty is the most important to them, they are very likely to cheat on you as soon as they find someone more attractive.


3. Distorted self-image


People who are likely to cheat will usually have a distorted self-image. They live in a delusion and can’t see things from another person’s perspective. Usually, they will talk about how incredible they are and what they have achieved, not caring about you as a person.


4. Flirtatious


Cheaters have a special way of charming people and thrive on flirtation. Actually, they will get romantic with anyone who is interesting to them and will not hide it.


5. Insecure


Because they have a problem accepting things as they are, they tend to have highly insecure feelings and a continuous urge for validation. Whenever they become insecure, they are likely to cheat. If you find a person highly insecure and yet acting too confident, be careful.


6. Demanding


People with an inclination to cheat can be excruciatingly demanding. They will constantly demand more from you than they will ever give. Whenever you slip, it will be their excuse for cheating.


7. Jealousy


Cheaters are also hypocrites. They will get angry if you cheat on them, although they do it all the time. Moreover, they may get jealous of the most trivial things because of their insecurity.


8. Manipulation


Cheaters have definitely mastered the art of manipulation. They are great talkers and charmers that will keep you trapped. If you try to get out, they might use emotional blackmail or play the victim card and lie to your face.

9. Deception


They not only manipulate but also deceive. When you tell them what you like, they will immediately turn into a new persona for you. But you will eventually find out how sinister they were in the first place.

10. Narcissism


Everything is always about them. They think that the world revolves around them. If you find someone who is this self-involved, step back. They may be cheaters.

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