10 Indicators That You Aren’t Wearing The Right Bra Size

Wearing a bra can be really comfortable or a real struggle that women around the globe face every single day. It is beyond important to choose and ware the right size of bra. Wearing the wrong size of a bra can be a true nightmare. According to one survey, 805 of women wear a wrong bra size.  You have to make sure that wearing a bra mostly sustains, if not enhances, the actual shape of your breasts.

Most women hit puberty and get a bra not knowing what is their right size. There are some simple indicators that show if you are wearing the wrong bra size.

So, next time when you are purchasing a new bra, make sure that you follow these indicators of an ill-fitting bra, courtesy of Stylecraze.

1. If the band is not a straight line



When buying a bra make sure that when you put it on the band on the back doesn’t look settled upwards. If it is, then it is a clear sign that that bra is not good for you. Also, make sure that it is not too tight like it’s glued to your skin.

2. The strap keeps slipping



The strap is holding your bra together on your body so, if it keeps falling off even if you adjust it, you know what that is a wrong bra size for you. Try another cup size.

3. The back band has too much space

For this part of the test, try to put some fingers under your back band. If more than two fingers fit, then you need to reassess the fitting. So, you should reduce the band size in order to let it comfortably sit on your body without too much gap in between.

4. Breasts bulge out of your cups



The bra cups are meant to fit your breast completely and hold them firmly. If your breasts bulge out of your cups, try going up one size or two.

5. Cups sag



If your cups sag it is a clear sign that you need another bra. Notice when this happens and you will know hat it is time for a change.

6. If your shoulders have strap marks



Your bra should be comfortable, so if your strap is tight enough to leave some red marks on your skin you know that it is not right for you. The right bra size will never leave you any marks on your shoulders or on the back.

7. Breasts bulge out of the sides

As previously mentioned, it is really important that your bra fits nicely on your skin, not too tight, not too loose. So, if your skin starts to pop out f the sides, it is a clear indicator that you need to loosen the straps or get another cup size.

8. Gap between breasts and cups



If the gap between the breast and the cups is too big than probably you need one size smaller. Just make sure that the cups fit your breast nicely and your boobs don’t pop up or just float inside the cup. You should purchase a smaller cup size in the same bra size to hold your breast without letting them bulge out.

9. Breasts bulge out at the bottom

The breast shouldn’t bulge out from any part of the breast. I mean, that is the whole purpose of the bra, to keep your breast supported. If they are sneaking out of the bra at the lower part, you know that you need a different size of bra. But, also make sure that the straps are tightened correctly.

10. The cups are not firm



Make sure that to purchase a good quality bra that has firm cups that doesn’t deform when you wash them. Invest in a good bra that won’t deform and wrap, making your breast look uneven. One important thing to always have in mind is that bras shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine.
Now you know how to look for the right bra for you, and remember, the bra is supposed to contain your breasts fully from all sides.

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Source: Stylecraze